What google needs for the tablet game

2012년 11월 14일 at 12:17 am

Google just launched Nexus 10 tablet. The specification of Nexus 10 is really really wonderful. Besides the CPU and 2GB RAM, it has super display. The resolution of the display is 300 dpi. The display has 2560X1600=4 mega pixels! With the display, it is not required to print PDF documents for reading. However, it has very critical weak points which would brake the nexus bomb. It is the lack of tablet apps.

Whereas iOS apps draw screen pixel by pixel, android draw screen along with layout style. Therefore, iOS apps seem beautiful, and android apps show on any size of displays. For Retina iOS apps, Apple provided with new drawing methods. Basically, Retina apps draw just as they draw on low density display. When the app point one pixel, the iOS point four pixels. However, when the app write texts or draw high resolution image, the text or image shows in high density. It helps iOS developers build high resolution app easily. Android does not have that kinds of comfortable methods. I would suggest some advances on Android.

First of all, Android should adapt the function that maps physical resolution to virtual resolution. MS GW-Basic(or MSX-Basic.. both? I’m not sure) had the function. It would help tablet apps look still beauty. With advanced remapping functions, developers would remap parts of physical display area to the size suitable to their resources. Of course, fonts must be look as the physical resolution, not virtual resolution. (See Pic.1)


Also, google should make cross compiling environment for developers to build their app for MS-Windows or MacOSX. It would encourage developers to build tablet apps for big screen. Developers would be able to make android tablet, win, mac apps all together. Google should make thin android layer inside the runnable application, and provide installer such as install-shield(See BlueStack). Just building structure of .app directory could be enought for MacOSX applications. To advance, if Playstore for those apps is serviced, more developers would build multi platform android apps.

With the functions mentioned above, Android tablet apps will get more and more.